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    Lujan-Chavez Elementary Counseling Team

    Our Mission

    The mission of the Lujan-Chavez School counseling department is to provide a truly engaging and comprehensive school counseling program that is designed to meet the students’ social-emotional, academic, and college and career needs.  LCE stakeholders will collaborate to ensure that all students will be active participants in a rigorous comprehensive guidance-counseling curriculum that promotes the following: ethical and moral behavior; and strong leadership skills to succeed in twenty-first century learning.

    Our Vision

    The scholars at Lujan-Chavez Elementary School will be socially, emotionally, and academically prepared for higher education opportunities and future career endeavors.  They will have the capacity to make well-informed decisions that positively impact their lives.  The students will be able to set goals and achieve them.  They will be capable problem solvers who overcome life’s challenges.  Through participation in a meaningful comprehensive school counseling program, Lujan-Chavez Scholars will be ethically and morally responsible, effective, and productive members of a global society.  They will make the world a better place!