• Portrait of Ms. Calderon     Belinda Calderon

       Office Hours 7:30-3:30

       (915) 937-7703


  • Vision Statement

    The Myrtle Cooper Elementary Counseling Program supports a collaborative culture of educational excellence, in which every student is actively learning.


    Mission Statement

    To ensure a safe environment in which a comprehensive guidance program supports all students in reaching their full academic, career and social/emotional potential.

  • Belief Statement

    Myrtle Cooper Counselors believe:

    • We believe all students can be outstanding into their future equipped with skills they have learned through guided lessons, groups, and activities
    • We believe all students can be academically successful
    • We believe all students have dignity and worth
    • We believe each student is unique with special abilities, talents, and interests that must be recognized and nurtured.
    • We believe the counseling program requires collaboration when planning, managing, delivering and evaluating from all stakeholders in order to be successful.
    • We believe in developing positive relationships with our students and serve as their advocate.