• School Counselor

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    Thank you for your patience and understanding.


    Welcome to another wonderful school year!

    It is an honor to be able to work with your child & assist them in becoming well-rounded individuals. It is my goal to assist every student so they can achieve academic success as well as to guide them in the development of their interpersonal skills.

    This is my 17th year at Robert R. Rojas Elementary & my 31st year in education!

    As your counselor, I will provide guidance lessons for the students,  work collaboratively with teachers/staff, consult with parents, and provide the Robert R. Rojas community with resources.

    The counseling curriculum that I will be offering the students during their classes will include topics such as, Career Awareness, Character Education Traits, Safety, Social Skills, Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, Decision making, Goal Setting, Transitions, Friendship Skills, Bullying Prevention, Social-Emotional Management), etc...

     Please do not hesitate to contact me at 937-8500 if you have any questions or if you would like to refer your child for counseling services.

    I can provide student counseling services with a signed parent consent Monday - Friday at designated times.  


    Mary Harder Enriquez
    School Counselor


    Campus Mission Statement:

    The Robert R. Rojas Elementary School Counseling Department is committed to providing a comprehensive developmental guidance & counseling program that will maximize every student's ability to build positive experiences and qualities that will help them grow up healthy, caring, responsible, and competent through the exploration of social-emotional lessons and the counseling curriculum.  

    Vision Statement:

    Roadrunners are on a Marathon to Excellence.


    ALL students can learn & achieve academic success when they are encouraged & nurtured in a respectful environment.

    Nurturing ALL students' social & emotional well-being will help develop 21st-century citizens.

    The school counselor's role is to provide a developmental counseling program that meets the needs of ALL students through a guidance curriculum, social/emotional skills, individual planning, responsive services, and a support system in place.

    The school counseling program will promote the following:

    Social skills

    Problem-solving & decision making

    Social/emotional management skills

    Career awareness & exploration

    Bullying prevention