On Monday, January 22, 2007 the Socorro Independent School broke ground to the 38th campus named in honor of a long-time educator, the late Dr. Sue A. Shook.  Dr. Shook served the learning community close to 30 years, providing outstanding leadership in the state and nation by bringing light to Year-Round Education and being instrumental in teacher preparedness programs.  Her legacy and innovation continues to be present in the everyday functions of this school.  Since opening its doors in July of 2007, Dr. Sue Shook Elementary has been recognized by the district, region, and state for its student academic achievement and innovation of academic programs to accelerate learning.

    Today, the beautifully designed building that sits in a 25-acre site houses 795 students and continues to alleviate the growing population in the Horizon City area.


    Vision: Improving Lives

    Mission Statement: The students at Dr. Sue Shook Elementary School will excel in all academic areas and be prepared to become productive citizens for the 21st century.
    Where Excellence is Everyday
      Navy Blue and Orange

    2007-2011 Exemplary School from Texas Education Agency

    2011-2012 No Ratings from Texas Education Agency --- New State Assessment (STAAR)
    2015-2016 Met Standard from Texas Education Agency with 6 Distinctions