• Dr. Sue Shook's Dress Code Policy


    School Uniform Policy

    It is the philosophy of the Socorro Independent School District and Dr. Sue Shook that students should maintain high standards of dress, grooming, and appearance. 

    For students in Pre-Kinder uniforms consisting of a RED or WHITE polo shirt with a collar and navy blue or Khaki bottoms. 

    For students in Kinder through 5th grade, uniforms will consist of a white, blue (navy or royal), or orange polo shirt with a collar and navy blue or khaki uniform bottoms. Sweatpants or leggings can not be worn as uniform bottoms.

    As per Policy FNCA (LOCAL), a universal uniform may be worn at any SISD school which has elected to implement a school uniform policy. The School Improvement Team has formulated the following specific additions to the S.I.S.D.’s standards of acceptable attire: 

               1. T-shirts with inappropriate symbols, alcohol or tobacco advertisements, gang, religious depictions, profane or  obscene language/pictures will not be permitted. 

    2. No rat-tail haircuts, mohawks or shaved hair with designs are acceptable. Males will maintain their hair above the collar or tied behind in a ponytail.

    3. No caps, hats, or sunglasses will be worn in the building unless otherwise instructed on dress-up days. 

    4. Tank-tops, tube tops, bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, or low-cut clothing will not be permitted. 

    5. Spandex clothing, fishnet shirts or torn clothing will not be allowed.

               6. Weapons-like accessories (i.e. bullets, chains, nail clippers, pen knives, etc.) are not permitted.

               7. Steel-toed shoes or cleats may not be worn.
               8. No bandanas or chain-like accessories are allowed. 

    9. Hoops and/or long earrings are not permitted.  (Safety)

              10. Artificial nails of any kind are not permitted (Safety).  Nails must be kept groomed.

              11. Pants must fit properly: they must be worn at the waist. If pants do not remain at the waist without a belt, they are considered to be baggy. Students will be required to have their parents bring a change of clothes.       

    12. Shirt tails must be tucked inside the pants.

    13. No makeup is acceptable except for chapstick.

    14. Shorts, skirts/skorts are permitted as long as they are no shorter than the child’s arm (fingertips) when extended at the side of the body.

    In addition, any apparel, jewelry, accessory, notebook or manner of grooming which denotes membership in a group that advocates drugs or gangs, or exhibits behaviors that interfere with the normal and orderly operation of the school, is prohibited.

    *The administration reserves the right to extend the dress code to include attire not specifically listed above, but deemed inappropriate. 

    Uniforms are required for students in Pre-Kinder - 5th grade Monday -Thursday. On Fridays, students can wear a 21-22 spirit shirt that will go on sale during the first weeks of school. Only 20-21 and 21-22 school spirit shirts can be worn on Fridays. Students not following the dress code policy will be addressed using the following protocol.

    1.        Parents will be notified by campus personnel (phone call/agenda/note)

    2.        Students will be sent to the office/Parents will need to bring in a change of clothes/uniform.

    3.        Students will be sent to office (see district student code of conduct).