• Welcome to the Col. John O. Ensor Counseling Department


    Ms. Ortega: 6th grade (915) 937- 6015 

    Ms. Ortega or  Mrs. Pena 7th grade counselor: 

    Mrs. Pena: 8th grade (915) 937- 6014 



    The scholars at Col. John O. Ensor Middle School are accomplished leaders and lifelong learners who graduate college and career ready, prepared to meet challenges, and contribute to the 21st Century workforce. 



    The mission of Col. John O. Ensor Middle School Guidance and Counseling Department is to deliver a comprehensive, developmental counseling program addressing the academic, career, and personal/social needs of all scholars. In collaboration with the faculty, counselors provide resources and opportunities to optimize student academic and personal achievement.  With the support of all stakeholders, the counseling department provides tools to maximize students’ learning potential to ensure college and career readiness. 



    School counselors at Col. John O. Ensor Middle School Counseling Department believe 
    • Every student can learn, and every student can succeed.


    • Every student should have access to an opportunity to a high-quality education.


    • Every student should graduate from high school prepared for post-secondary opportunities.


    • Every student should have access to a comprehensive school counseling program.


    • Effective school counseling is a collaborative process involving school counselors, students, families, teachers, administrators, other school staff and education stakeholders.


    • School counselors are leaders in the school, district, state and nation.


    • Comprehensive school counseling programs promote and enhance student academic, career, and social/emotional outcomes.