• 2012 AYP Results

    Nineteen campuses in the Socorro Independent School District have met the federal standard for Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). Twenty-three campuses in SISD have missed AYP for 2012  in one or more subjects (either math or reading) and one or more student groups (all students, Hispanic, Limited English Proficient (LEP), economically disadvantaged or special education).  The District missed the AYP rating in both math and reading for special education and LEP student groups and also the African American student group in math. Two campuses were not required to be rated.
    Eighteen campuses that missed AYP are in Year 1, a warning year because it is the first time they missed the standard in that particular subject. Five campuses are in Stage 1 because it is the second year in a row that they miss AYP in a particular subject. The following letters have been mailed to the parents of all students at these campuses. Each letter outlines the specific campus’ and SISD’s improvement action plan, as well as school of choice information including a list of available schools to which eligible students may transfer. There are some 8,700 students enrolled in the five Stage 1 campuses who would be eligible for school choice. In total, 21 students have applied for and been granted school choice transfers.
    2012 AYP Campus Ratings
    Stage 1 Parent Letters
    Americas High School
    Montwood High School
    SPC. Rafael Hernando III Middle School
    Jane A. Hambric School
    Ernesto Serna School

    NCLB Fact Sheet
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