• Homework

    Homework may be assigned in all content areas as needed. Long-term project per semester may be assigned, and it may be tied to the science fair, art show, or literary contest.

    Make-up Work

    Make-Up Work and Alternative Learning Activities

    Teachers will provide make-up work for excused and unexcused absences. It is the student’s responsibility to complete make-up work as follows:

    • A minimum of two-day make-up time is allowed for each absence. The student returning from a suspension may have a grade adjustment on work made up. Students who fall below 90% and are regaining their loss of credit shall have an Alternative Learning Activity assigned as denoted by the principal’s plan.
    • The student with an unexcused absence may receive a zero for missed assignments.  The work has to be made up outside of class.  It is their responsibility of students to work with their teacher(s) to find out what work needs to be made up.


    Grades 6th-8th Middle School Curriculum Requirements

    The Socorro Independent School District requires all 6th – 8thgrade students be offered the following core curriculum:

    1. A foundation curriculum that includes:
      1. English Language Arts and Reading
      2. Mathematics
      3. Science
      4. Social Studies
    2. An enriched curriculum that includes:
      1. Languages other than English
      2. Health (Currently SISD requires ½ year of health)
      3. Physical Education (Currently SISD requires 2 years of PE)
      4. Exploring Careers
      5. Fine Arts

    The district may offer courses for local credits, at its discretion, in addition to those in the required curriculum, but it may not delete or omit instruction in the foundation and enrichment curricula specified above. Education Code 28.004(f); 19 TAC74.1(b).

    Report Cards (PK-12)

    Report cards shall be issued every nine weeks. Performance shall be measured in accordance with this policy and the standards established in EIE (LOCAL).

    Progress Reports

    Progress reports shall be sent home to the parents or guardians at the end of the third and sixth week of each grading period for all students in PreK-12. The notice shall include information concerning the availability of interventions relating to the subject area(s) in which the student is not meeting the grade level or subject area standards.

Last Modified on June 3, 2022