• O'Shea Attendance Policy

    This initiative is to reward "Perfect" Attendance. Doctor's visits, family emergencies, being sent home by the school nurse, etc. will count as an absence for this initiative. Tardies will count against the student for this program. To qualify, students must be here every day and on time to every class every day. The administration reserves the right to make special allowances for the chronically ill. School related absences (UIL, field trips, etc.) will not count against the students as they are in school at a school sponsored activity.

    Early pull outs will also count. Early pull out is as follows:

    • Pre-K AM: before 10:30 AM
    • Pre-K PM: before 2:15 PM
    • Kinder: before 2:15 PM
    • 1st to 5th: before 3:00 PM

    If by Thursday at the end of the day, your child has no absences or tardies for the week, they are eligible for free dress on the Friday.

    The classroom and grade level rewards are as follows:

    • Classrooms will participate in a traveling trophy competition. The classroom that has the best attendance for the week will be awarded the trophy and given recognition on the announcements.
    • Popcorn parties for the class who has 100% attendance for the week.
    • Last flag standing competition.