• School History
    Located at 14251 Ralph Seitsinger, the elementary school was named after James P. Butler, a physical education teacher, athletic coach and an adaptive physical education teacher in the special education department in SISD. He worked at Socorro Middle School and Robert R. Rojas Elementary School. Throughout his educational career he launched many programs to benefit SISD students in athletics and special education. He began a swimming program designed to teach third graders how to swim, created the Physical Education Showcase Day, led Rojas Elementary to be a national model Project FIT America school and was a driving force in orchestrating and improving the Special Olympics each year.
    For the 2020-2021 school year, we will continue implementing AVID-Elementary (Advancement Via Individual Determination);  a Social Emotional Plan to help meet the needs of the whole scholar; and Whole Brain Teaching.  We look forward to working with our scholars and parents.