Libertas Academy for Law, Government, and Public Administration

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    The Americas High School Libertas Academy is one of the Advanced Academic Programs offered by Socorro ISD and is geared towards students who wish to pursue a career in government and public administration or law.  Students can expect the following:

    • experience the rigor, depth, and intensity of college-level work, while in high school,
    • have an opportunity to earn college credit through dual credit and advanced placement courses,
    • develop leadership and public speaking skills, and
    • be more competitive for college, scholarships, and careers.

    The Libertas Academy, therefore, is designed to prepare students for career and college-readiness in the fields of the law, government, and public administration.

    Americas High School has a notable reputation for success with their Mock Trial Team, as well as with their Speech & Debate Team, making it an ideal school to offer these courses of study; building off of said teams therefore, we provide this academy to appeal to those students who are interested in these fields.  There is no other magnet program in El Paso, of its kind; in fact, in the entire state of Texas, there are only four!

    The strength of the courses are found in the Humanities (i.e., Social Studies & English), with the primary focus being on writing, ethics, justice, and reading.

    Upon being accepted into this Advanced Academics Program, students will choose an innovative curricular course of study between: law, government, and public administration.  The law path focuses on the judiciary system; the government path concentrates on local, state, and federal laws; and public administration is the study of business law and the economy.

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