Americas High School
    9th-12th Orchestra Director
    Welcome to the Americas High School Orchestra page.
    The award winning Americas High School Orchestra is composed of a group of young musicians who believe we should always strive to be our personal best. Therefore, we practice the way we want to sound. Our goal...to create lifelong musicians and music lovers.
    Carnegie Hall was an invite we'll never forget. That was not our end! The 2015-16 school year holds great adventure for us with an orchestra that includes the most seniors ever for Americas HS orchestra. This shows growth in the program and the potential for younger students to glean from these advanced performers.
    Hawaii was March 15-20, 2016.
    Plans for a new trip are on the way!
    University of Texas at El Paso, Masters of Music Education
    University of Texas at El  Paso, Bachelors of Music Education
    El Paso Symphony Orchestra Musician (since 1991)
    Love teaching music (since 1994)
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