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    Vista del Sol School Wide P.B.I.S. Expectations 2020-21



    Hallway Expectations


    Walk without touching decorations or student work.

    Walk quietly, using inside voices, especially near a classroom.

    Walk in an orderly fashion staying on the right hand side.

    Only eat or drink in the cafeteria.


    Playground Expectations


    Throw trash in the trash can to keep our playground clean.

    Respect the monitors because they are here to help you stay safe.

    Be respectful of school property, the environment, and others.

    Share equipment and basketball courts.

    Line up when called.


    Restroom Expectations


    Use your inside voice when speaking.

    Respect each other’s privacy.

    Wash your hands to prevent the spread of germs.

    Dispose of paper towels properly.

    Do not linger.


    Cafeteria Expectations


    Be prepared to tell cafeteria staff your choice of side dish.

    Walk at all times.

    Dispose of trash and carry your tray to the window.

    Clean up your area.

    Always use an inside voice.

    Be polite to everyone.

    Exhibit patience and good citizenship as you wait to be served.