• Philosophy

    “Learning is the Primary Focus”

    Our basketball program is a part of the education process that teaches competitive sportsmanship, leadership, core values of character, teamwork, commitment, and academic responsibility. In addition, it’s our responsibility to participate in Community Service Events to teach our scholar-athletes the importance of both being involved in the community and giving back to the community as well as real-world experiences. As Coaches, We want to “Add Value” to our scholar-athletes and get them to understand, What they have and How to use what they have in a productive way that teaches the responsibility of success.


    We want our student-athletes to grow and develop mentally, physically, and socially. Furthermore, their position as scholar-athletes puts them in the role of “model student” on our campus. The expectations are higher, and they are expected to lead by example (high in character and leadership).

    Outcome Expectations

    Basketball and its experiences are expected to help produce young ladies who will enter our community to become constructive and contributing citizens of society.