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    Salvador H. Sanchez Middle School
    Excused Absence Policy

    Please send a note with your child to be shown to the receptionist, whenever you need to pick up your child during school hours. We must assure that all are students are safe; therefore, we must know when you will be taking your child from the building. Before leaving the building, your child must sign out at the receptionist area, and if returning before the end of the day, he/she must sign in when he or she returns to school.

    Sanchez Middle School
    requires the following regarding student attendance:

    1. Personal illness of the student.
    2. Illness of an immediate family member.
    3. Death of a family member or close friend of the family or student.
    4. Medical or dental care which cannot reasonably be attended to during non-school hours.
    5. Participation in court proceedings in which the student's presence is legally compelled or in which the student is a participant or witness.
    6. Absence pending disposition of alleged violation of the Student Discipline Policy.
    7. Absence due to suspension.
    8. Absence due to participation in school-sponsored or school-related activities.
    9. Emergency child care situations.
    10. Exceptional and unexpected transportation difficulties.
    11. Pre-planned educational activities deemed to have constructive school related value when the class administrator's approval has been obtained at least five (5) days in advance.

    Students have the right to make up and receive credit for work that is missed due to excused absences.

    When attendance drops below 90% but remains at least above 75% an assistant principal will meet with the student to issue a loss of credit contract to regain credit:

    ·         A student will be issued a loss of credit contract with a completion date. Students must attend tutoring, intersession or participate in another approved instructional program to regain credit. Credit will be awarded with a completed Loss of Credit contract.

    ·         The student must complete 45 minutes of instruction outside of the school day for every absence that exceeds the 90% attendance rule.