• SATA Overview

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    Parents of Incoming Freshmen 2020-2021,
    If your child is not from Ensor or Desert Wind, please complete the Intra-District Transfer Form.

    Welcome to the School of Advanced Technology Applications

    SATA is an elite academy where we acquire the skills needed to be successful Computer Scientists. Our coursework includes App Development, Video Game Development, Website Development, and Cyber Security. By participating in local, state, and national competitions our expertise is put into practice and we become strong communicators and leaders.

    EHS SATA Seniors and Mr. Teller


    Meet the team!

    Alexaundra Robles
    SATA Coordinator
    Email: aroble11@sisd.net

    Video Game Development
    AP Computer Science A
    Dual Credit Computer Science

    Matthew Coles
    T-Stem Coordinator

    Email: mcoles@sisd.net

    Cyber Security
    Computer Science Principles

    Ross Teller
    Email: rtelle03@sisd.net

    Web Development
    Senior Project
    Computer Science Principals


    Providing tomorrow's leaders with the equipment and facilities to develop a future open for success. Eastlake graduates are destined for greatness on the horizon. While in SATA, Students will gain the following:

    • College Credit Opportunities
    • Pre-AP and AP courses
    • Real World Experiences through internships in a multitude of Computer Science fields
    • Opportunities for professional job shadowing
    • College Tours
    • Nationally Recognized Industry Certifications
      • Python
      • Microsoft Technology Associate 
      • Google Associate Android Developer 
      • CPR
      • Local SISD Competency Profile
    • Leadership opportunities through TSA, SkillsUSA, CyberPatriots and National Technical Honor Society
    • Opportunity to participate in VEX, BEST, and FTC Robotics

    Please read our SATA Flyer 

    Please see our SATA Presentation