Welcome to PE

  • Our Physical Education class teaches students to develop healthy living habits that will last a lifetime. Students participate in a wide variety of activities, sports and challenges that will increase their physical, social, and mental abilities, teamwork and cooperation skills. We hope to provide a safe, fun and motivating class that will encourage all students to want to participate, have fun and try their best.


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      PE Expectations

      • General Rules

        1. Respect each others space (NO TOUCHING)
        2. Tennis shoes are required to participate, please no Heely’s, high heels, or sandals
        3. P.E is a 100% participation-based grade. Students will only receive a passing grade if students who are injured and cannot participate.
        4. All students must have a note from parent/guardian/doctor if they are to sit out during P.E activities.
          1. Parent/Guardian Note only good for 3 days
          2. Doctor Note until cleared
        5. NO TOYS are allowed during P.E class time
          1. 1st offense- verbal warning
          2. 2nd offense- toys will be taken and parents will be notified


        1. 1st offense- verbal warning
        2. 2nd offense- students will be asked to sit out
        3. 3rd offense- parent/guardian phone call
        4. 4th offense- referral to the office


        1. Exercise Leaders
        2. Participation in the End of Year Activities    

      Class Schedule

      • Time Grade Level
        8:30 - 9:25 5th Grade
        9:25 - 10:20 2nd Grade
        10:20 - 11:15 4th Grade
        11:45 - 12:40 Kindergarten
        12:40 - 1:35 1st Grade
        1:35 - 2:30 3rd Grade