Montwood Milestones

    August, 1990 - Montwood High School begins under the leadership of Art Shaw. The administration and teachers began serving the educational needs of the Montwood community in 1990. The school opened with grades 7, 8, 9, and 10. Montwood's first seniors graduated in 1993. Montwood is unique in the fact that it is one of the few schools in Texas that features a year-round curriculum, and its many creative programs and innovative teaching practices have made Montwood a model for other schools throughout Texas and the nation.The academic strength of the services the Montwood administrators, faculty, and staff provide to students has been recognized through accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The school was initially built to accommodate 2200 students.

    August, 1991 - A new television class is opened, and students begin broadcasting the announcements.

    1992-1993 - Year-round education is implemented.

    August, 1993 - NJROTC comes to MHS.

    May, 1993 - Mama Montwood Laura Price is named Texas Student Council Advisor of the Year.

    1994-1997 - MHS is a Texas Mentor school for 3 years.

    August 1994 - Enrollment reaches 2690 students; 5 portables are added; 26 teachers are hired.

    December, 1994 - Senior Francesco Whittenberger is named National Merit Scholar semifinalist; MHS varsity cross-country team wins its first district 2-5A championship.

    February, 1994 - Junior student Toiya Johnson is named Miss Black El Paso.

    August, 1995 - Enrollment is at 3,078 students; 20 new teachers are hired; NJROTC awarded the Chief of Naval Education and Training Award for being one of the top 10% of units among 85 western U.S. schools.

    December, 1995 - Making Higher Scores, TAAS prep program, begins.

    March, 1997 - Synergy and MIT make Rambot 2000, which takes 5th place at regionals and goes to national competition.

    1997-1998 - The academic successes of the Montwood learning community prompts the U.S. Department of Education to recognize Montwood as a National Blue Ribbon School during the 1997-1998 school year. The ideals and hard work embodied by the Montwood administrators, faculty, staff, and students truly make Montwood High School a school where excellence abounds.

    1999 - Texas Society of Professional Engineers Texas Engineering Challenge State Champion: The Bionic '99 Can Crusher.

    2000 - Phil Hatch becomes principal of MHS. His motivational slogan is R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

    2004 - MHS senior Kristin Breton is chosen as a National Merit Scholar and wins the YWCA Reach Award for young women in high schools.


    November, 2006 - MHS Cheerleaders win City Competition.


    April, 2007 - Mama Montwood Laura Price, once again, is named Texas Student Council Advisor of the Year.


    Montwood High School Principals

    1990-97: Mr. Art Shaw

    1997-2000: Mr. Jim Kelch

    2000-04: Mr. Phil Hatch

    2004-11: Ms. Juni Mathews

    2011-17: Ms. Rosa Maria Mireles-Menchaca

    2017: Ms. Antoinette Howard (Interim Principal)

    2017-Present: Mr. Carlos Guerra III



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