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    Dr. Macon and Ms. Marquez are having fun at Literacy Night.

    Library Media Specialists:

    Dr. Kirk Macon, dmacon@sisd.net

    Ms. Jennifer Marquez, jmarqu02@sisd.net

    Library Media Center Aides:

    Ms. Hailey Barraza

    Ms. Cecy Maldonado

    Phone Numbers:

    Library Circulation Desk Number, 915-937-2451

    Dr. Macon, 915-937-2453

    Ms. Marquez, 915-937-2454

    Library Fax Number, 915-937-2422 

    Circulation Policies – Faculty and Staff:

    Print – The loan period for books is two weeks; however, faculty and staff may re-check for an additional two weeks if needed.  The circulation system automatically sends an e-mail reminder to patrons when items are due.  Faculty and staff are not assessed fines but will be responsible for replacement costs, determined by vendors if items are lost or damaged.

    Audiovisual – These items include DVDs, videos, sound recordings, CDs, and audiobooks.  The loan period for these titles is one week, but may be extended if needed. REMINDER: AV materials must support curriculum and be approved by administration.

    Equipment – The loan period for equipment varies depending on type, usage, and need. 

    Circulation Policies – Students:

    1.     ID required for all checkouts

    2.     5 book maximum limit - 2 week loan period; one time renewal

    3.     Reference books are overnight checkouts.

    4.     Audio Book and sound recording loan period is one week; one time renewal

    **Note – Students may not checkout DVDs, videos, or equipment.

    Student Fees for Overdue and/or Lost Items:

    1.      Fiction and nonfiction titles - $.05/day

    2.      Reference - $.10/day

    3.      AV - $.50/day

    4.      Lost items – replacement costs determined by vendors

    **Note – Students must check their school email accounts for overdue notices!

    Scheduling Library Instruction:

    Please contact and collaborate with a librarian if you wish to bring your classes to the library for instruction, research, checking out books, or computer use.

    **Note – Please ensure student(s) bring ID and written pass/planner when visiting the library during an instructional period.

    Scheduling Non-Library Events/Activities in Library and/or Emerald Room:

    Please contact and collaborate with a librarian if you wish to reserve the library or Emerald Room for any of the following:

    ·       Meetings

    ·       Team/Committee Planning Sessions, etc.

    ·       Speakers

    ·       District Activities

    ·       Floor and/or Window Displays

    ·       Taking of Photographs

    ·       College Representatives

    Services Offered to All Patrons: 

    Black and White Printer/Copies – There is no cost associated with the printer/copier.

    Note - There is no color printer in the library.

    Magazines and Newspapers:

    We subscribe to more than 20 magazines. They are on the magazine display racks. In addition, we encourage patrons to utilize their computers to access magazines and newspapers. Please see the menu items to the left for lists of URLs to the most popular magazines and regional newspapers.