• Key Club

    A community service organization that goes out and impacts the world by making a positive difference. We help impact the lives of others to show the good in the world as we work together to achieve this goal so it continues on. Even though we do not make keys, we open doors for more opportunities for others.

    Mission Statement: The Mission Early College chapter of Key Club will provide opportunities for its members to be both successful students and global citizens by giving back to the community for coming generations.

    Key Club gives its members the opportunity to reach out and volunteer around their community. Key Club offers many new experiences such as tutoring peers or helping around at animal shelters. Their mission statement is to provide their members with opportunities to serve, build character, and develop leadership. Joining this club is a great experience that gives you the chance to change and give a helping hand to your community while learning new things in every service. 

    Sponsor: Mr. Michel