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    SPC. Rafael Hernando III Middle School

    Principal’s Plan for Attendance Recovery

    To regain the proper amounts of credits or loss of seat time due to excessive excused/unexcused absences, the student must attend and submit proper documentation for 7-10 hours of enrichment/tutoring per class that has resulted in a “Loss of Credit Status”.  If the student is not enrolled in a high school credit course, the student must attend and submit proper documentation for 10-15 hours of enrichment/tutoring sessions for the loss of classroom instruction.  This enrichment/tutoring must be completed outside of Regular Classroom Instruction, any Saturday School Sessions, or any Intersession/Summer School Sessions.  All enrichment/tutoring Sessions need to be properly documented and submitted to Mrs. Gallego, Hernando Assistant Principal/Attendance Committee Chairperson, in a timely manner or extra hours could be added to the total amount needed to remove the “Loss of Credit” status or regain the proper amount of seat time needed for the amount of absences recorded, no matter the reason for the excessive absences.