PE Coaches Group Photo
  • Our Coaches

    • Coach Issa
    • Coach Rodriguez
    • Coach McCarthy
    • Coach Montano


    • Music stops, students stop
    • Water breaks after running and after PE only
    • Bathroom should be used before and after PE
    • Ask coach for emergency bathroom use; wear bathroom pass
    • Coaches can provide band-aids
    • Only coaches can send students to nurse's office
    • Sit in your assigned class line and wait to picked up by your teacher


    • Stretching and running
    • Listen for rules
    • Enjoy game/activity


    • Look and listen
    • Ask questions to your coach
    • Keep hands to yourself
    • Participate in all activities

    Weekly Schedules

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – Game Days

    Wellness Wednesday – Hero Water Sale

    Fun Field Friday - Variety of stations and themes