Student Attendance Information
    It is the position of the Board of Trustees that student attendance is a key factor in student achievement and that any absence from school represents an educational loss to the student.  The district provides students an opportunity to make up work missed during an absence.
    Compulsory School Attendance:  State law requires that a student between the ages of six and 18 attend school as well as any applicable accelerated instruction program, extended year program, or tutorial session, unless the student is otherwise excused from attendance or legally exempt.  Students are required by law to complete the school year in which they turn eighteen years of age.


    Campus Attendance Committee 
    In accordance to the TEC 25.092, the Board shall appoint one or more attendance committees to hear petitions for class credit by students who have not met the 90 percent rule and have not earned class credit by completing a principal's plan.  Classroom teachers shall comprise a majority of the attendance committee.
    A student may regain credit/promotion if the principal of the campus Attendance/Credit Review Committee determines the absences were the result of an extenuating circumstance. 
    The principal of the Attendance/Credit Review Committee may take one of the following actions:
    1.  Reinstate credit/promotion for any one or all courses for which credit/promotion were denied
    2.  Assign alternative learning activities which the student must successfully complete in a timely manner.  Upon completion of the alternative learning activities, a determination will be made to reinstate credit/promotion or uphold the denial of credit/promotion; for any course or courses for which alternative learning activities were assigned.
    3.  Uphold the denial of credit/promotion for any course or courses for which credit/promotion were denied.  
    Appeals to the campus Attendance/Credit Review Committee must be done within 30 days of the end of the semester in which credit was lost (FEC (LOCAL) and Ad. Reg. FEC).
    Attendance Committee
    When a student's attendance drops below 90 percent but remains at least at 75 percent of the days the class is offered, the student may earn credit for the class by completing a plan approved by the principal.  This plan must provide for the student to meet the instructional requirements of the class as determined by the principal.
Last Modified on June 21, 2022