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  • Times may be different. Ideas may be abstract. We may stumble, but we will rise. We know who we are. We know what we are capable of achieving. We are SPARTA!

English Teachers Group Photo

  • Our English Teachers

    Administrator - Ms. Ortega agrana04@sisd.net

    Department Head - Sandy Portillo 

    Team Lead English I - Matthew Munden

    Team Lead English II - Dominque Gonzalez

    Team Lead English III - Marco Monarrez

    Team Lead English IV - Jose Avila/Jason Bray (AP)


    Pebble Hills Early College High School

    Administrator - Mr. Talamantes gtalam01@sisd.net

    English I - Matthew Munden

    English II - Annamaria Longo


    English I Team

    Crhistopher Cortez - ccorte01@sisd.net

    Elizabeth Lopez - ezamar02@sisd.net

    Meagan Martinez - mmarti5060@sisd.net

    Aide Marentes - amaren01@sisd.net

    Matthew Munden - mmunde@sisd.net

    Joan Torres (English I/II, ESOL, LANG DEV, Read 180) - jtorre14@sisd.net

    Christoper Wildman (English I/II/III, Plato) - cwildm@sisd.net


    English II Team

    Leandra Contreras-Agins (English II/III) - lcontr01@sisd.net

    Joan Flores (English I/II, ESOL, LANG DEV, Read 180) - jtorre14@sisd.net

    Natalie Flores (English II/III/IV) - nflore@sisd.net

    Dominque Gonzalez - dgonza616@sisd.net

    Sandy Portillo - sporti@sisd.net

    Sandy Marie Romo  - sromo02@sisd.net

    Christopher Wildman (English I/II/III, Plato) - cwildm@sisd.net


    English III Team

    Edward Cano - ecano03@sisd.net

    Marco Monarrez - mmonar01@sisd.net

    Natalie Flores (English II/II/IV) - nflore@sisd.net

    Christina Barraza - cbarra08@sisd.net

    Chrisopher Wildman (English I/II/III, Plato) - cwildm@sisd.net


    English IV Team

    Jose Avila - javila1626@sisd.net

    Jason Bray - jbray@sisd.net

    Natalie Flores - nflore@sisd.net

    Aaron Goulette - agoule01@sisd.net


    CT Teachers

    Lila Baeza - lbaeza01@sisd.net

    Evangelina Escobar - eescob10@sisd.net

    Dr. Elizabeth Ponce-Lugo - eponce02@sisd.net