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    A Different Kind of Learning.  A Powerful Kind of Fun... Welcome to Young Rembrandts! We teach drawing with a see - touch - do method that all kids can succeed with, learn from and love!  We are very happy to be able to offer our program at Lujan Chavez Elementary!


    The secret to our success is that children ALREADY love to draw - we just take their love a little further, by giving them a solid foundation that will take their drawings from doodles to confidence-boosting achievements.  During our once-a-week classes, we use an innovative step-by-step approach on drawing topics your kids can relate to and learn from.  Watch your child reach a new level of potential with this engaging, award-winning program.  Young Rembrandts is a different kind of learning and a powerful kind of fun. 


    Our elementary learners are at the crucial time of development when they decide whether they’re good at something or not.  This decision will affect not only the rest of their academic career, but their lifetime learning as well.  The Young Rembrandts elementary program provides the tools this age-group needs to succeed at drawing - a teaching tool from which the majority of learners prefer and ALL learners benefit!  Our program works because it’s not only hands-on and visual...it’s simply fun.  Add to this our innovative guided instruction, topics that kids love and relate to, and instructors that know how to reach this group; we take kids from thinking they’re not ‘artists’ to knowing they can achieve this, and everything else, they put their minds to. Classes last up to 1 hour. Click on the link to enroll: