• What is Dual Credit (DC)?


    In keeping with the District's strategic direction of college and career readiness, one goal of the Socorro ISD is to ensure that students who graduate from any of our comprehensive high schools are able to leave with a minimum of 12 hours of college credit.  Studies show that students who graduate high school with even 12 hours of college credit are 50% more likely to complete a bachelor's degree within four years!  Said college credit can be obtained while concurrently enrolled in high school* and as a student at El Paso Community College (EPCC); these courses are identified as DC. 
    EPCC demonstrates its continued support to the El Paso County’s public school community by offering the DC classes at no cost to students; in turn, SISD supports this initiative by providing the textbooks at no cost to students, as well as the venue for courses to be held. The college class is a replacement rather than an addition, as students take just one class (the college class) and yet get both high school and college credit for it! The courses are taught by instructors who have been approved and credentialed by the appropriate EPCC academic departments (generally, requiring a master’s degree and at least 18 graduate level hours in the field taught). 
    DC courses satisfy BOTH the high school requirements, and that of many college/university’s core curriculum; DC courses are also free to students/parents, as are the textbooks required by each!  Furthermore, it is understood that students who are successful in challenging college courses while in high school will be much more successful in college/at the university! Also, by providing our students with DC opportunities (ergo, with tuition-free college courses), we ultimately improve their future quality of life by alleviating some of their potential college debt! J
    In addition to lowering college costs and jump-starting one’s college courses, benefits to taking DC courses also include that they: 

    ü extend the variety of classes available to high school students;

    ü allow for shared resources (i.e., college library, fine art performances, career development services, etc.);

    ü provide greater opportunities for a coordinated education;

    ü serve as a "controlled" introduction to college life;

    ü and as such, they often provide for an easier transition to college overall.

    * All students are able to take DC as early as their freshman year, provided they qualify through demonstration of college readiness. In an effort to prepare students for such, all SISD 8th graders will have an opportunity to challenge the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) test prior to entering high school.