• Montwood High School National Honor Society Chapter

    The National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization dedicated to recognizing and encouraging those students who demonstrate excellence not only in the classroom, but as leaders in their schools and communities as well. The core values of the NHS are: Academics, Leadership, Service and Character. Members must distinguish themselves in all four of these categories.

    Annual Selection Process for the NHS MHS Chapter

    Schools whose specific membership criteria and selection process meets NHS requirements receive a charter from the NHS and are thereby granted permission to induct its own members. While the NHS is a national organization that requires rigorous minimal standards for membership, schools are encouraged to develop their own particular practice in this regard, and so the specific selection process for members may vary from school to school.

    At Montwood High School, the selection process typically begins at the beginning of the second semester. Students with a 90 and above are invited to complete the NHS Application. These forms outlines the candidate's accomplishments in the areas of Service and Leadership.

    The adviser then selects a committee of five teachers to review these applications according to the selection criteria set forth by the NHS bylaws. It is the job of the NHS Adviser to organize and oversee this process, though it is the Selection Committee that makes the final decision as to whether or not a student will be granted membership.

    Once the list of new members has been approved and finalized by the Selection Committee and verified by the NHS Adviser, this list is posted, and each student who has been accepted receives a formal letter from the adviser, notifying him/her of their achievement and inviting him/her to participate in the annual induction ceremony. Membership is considered complete when a student has been formally and publicly inducted at this event.

    MHS Sponsor: Ms. Dianna Rios