• Life Management Skills

    This curriculum was developed in an attempt to help youth ascertain their role in the world and get a broader understanding of why they are who they are and why they behave as they do.  It was created with lessons and activities from the ARISE Life Management Skills program and includes the formula they have embraced for developing presentations aimed at youth.

    The many sections throughout this life skills curriculum are meant to connect several ideas with the hope that program participants will be able to identify their role in society but also learn some coping skills and strategies to help them succeed as adults.

    Faculty and staff at KEYS Academy have been certified in the ARISE Life Management Skills formula for presenting the curriculum and permission was obtained from the El Paso County Attorney in August 2016 to use material previously developed while Miguel A. Rivera was working with her office (under then County Attorney Jose Rodriguez) in 2006.

    The information throughout this curriculum was combined with Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations in an effort to make the presentations more attractive to the participants and help the presenter gauge their position through an organized format.

    General Life Skills

    Lesson # Topic Worksheet
    1 Knowing Yourself  
    2 Respect  
    3 Self- Esteem  
    4 Building Self-Esteem  
    5 Abuse  
    6 Conflict Resolution  
    7 Stopping Abuse  
    8 Thinking Creatively  
    9 Getting Organized  
    10 Setting Goals  
    11 Removing the Negatives  
    12 Focusing on the Positive  
    13 Smart Strategies  
    14 Time Management  

    Substance Abuse Prevention

    Lesson # Topic Worksheet
    15 Self-Esteem  
    16 Peer Pressure  
    17 Alcohol Abuse  
    18 Driving Under the Influence  
    19 Tobacco Facts  
    20 Drug Abuse  
    21 Getting Help  
    22 Setting Goals  
    23 Removing the Negatives  
    24 Things to Do Instead of Drugs  
    25 Controlled Substances and Withdrawals
    26 Opinions  

    Gang Prevention

    Lesson # Topic Worksheet
    27 Self-Esteem and Gangs  
     28 Respect and Gangs  
    29 Conflict  
    30 Anger Control Through Body Language  
    31 Peer Pressure  
    32 Cultural Differences  
    33 Types of Anger  
    34 Aggressiveness  
    35 Anger Management  
    36 Avoiding Fights  
    37       Violence Reduction  
    38 Police Confrontation  
    39 Life of Crime  
    40 Networking  
    41 Building Support Systems  
    45 Interviews  
    46 Transportation  
    47 Budgeting Your Salary