What exactly is KEYS Academy?
    KEYS Academy serves as the District Alternative Education Placement (DAEP) for the Socorro Independent School District, grades 6th-12th. 
    When a student has committed what the state of Texas considers to be a Level 3 or 4 disciplinary offense, the student can be temporarily removed from their home campus and placed at a DAEP as a disciplinary consequence; a DAEP is a much more restrictive educational setting.
    Can I appeal the administrator's decision to place my son/daughter at KEYS Academy?
    Yes.  There are 3 levels of appeal:
    • Level I:  home campus principal
    • Level II:  Assistant Superintendent of Middle or Secondary Schools
    • Level III:  Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services

    An appeal requires the submission of the Appeal Form within 3 calendar days to the corresponding office; the levels above must be followed and cannot be circumvented.  The student is required to attend intake and be in attendance at KEYS in order for the appeal to be heard.

    How long will my son/daughter have to stay at KEYS?

    Duration depends on the type of offense committed and where the incident occured, as some placements are discretionary while others are mandatory.  The paperwork provided to you by the home campus is required to have the duration specified. 
    Is there anything else we can do to lessen the placement time?
    Yes.  If it is the student's 1st time at KEYS within the same school year, and if not expressely prohibited by the home campus (in writing), we do offer an Early Exit Program.  A student is eligible when they are in overall good standing with us and when other holistic criteria is met.
    Is transportation offered/available?
    Unfortunately not.  The only exceptions to this is 1) if a student is receiving transportation Special Education services and/or 2) if the student is provided transportaiton by the HANDS program.
    Are uniforms required?
    Yes.  We will go over all the specifics with parent and student during intake; students are NOT required to wear a uniform on that day.
    Who can I contact for more information and/or to get more questions answered?
    Please contact our front office from 7:30-4:30, Mon-Fri.