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    What is the criteria for being placed at KEYS Academy?
    Most KEYS Academy students are placed there as a result of disciplinary action taken by the students' home school administration as a result of a violation of school, district, or state policy. Placement at KEYS is usually decided as a result of the severity of students' misbehavior and as such is considered a serious infraction.
    Can I appeal the administrator's decision to place my son/daughter at KEYS Academy?
    The short answer is "yes." While the process for appeal is ALWAYS presented at the parent conference once the decision to place the student has been made, it might also be presented once the administrator confers with parents at the initial notification of the infraction - usually stated as a "recommendation" at that time.
    Once the decision has been made to place the student in the our Socorro ISD's alternative placement setting, an administrator will contact the parent or legal guardian for the student and notify him/her of the guardian's right to appeal and what that appeals process looks like.  
    The usual length of placement for a student at KEYS Academy is around 9 school weeks (not calendar weeks). The student's first week in attendance is counted as "0" and then a minimum of nine school weeks is counted. Socorro ISD Student Code of Conduct requires students be exited in conjunction with the district's grading periods, therefore after the nine weeks are counted the next grading period end date is used as the student's exit date.