• KEYS Academy Dress Code

    The following uniform is required for all students that attend KEYS Academy.

    • Khaki or navy blue loose fitted pants for all students;
    • White or navy blue polo shirt (short sleeve or long sleeve) for high school students;
    • White or dark green polo shirt (short sleeve or long sleeve) for middle school students;
    • A long-sleeved solid white, navy, black, or gray shirt may be work under the polo;
    • Khaki, navy blue or black military style mesh belt;
    • Solid black or white socks;
    • Solid black or white sneakers.

    All items above must always be without any designs or logos of any kind.

    Uniform restrictions include:

    • No leather belts;
    • Pants cannot be baggy, jogger-style, skinny, or too tight;
    • Sweaters and jackets are not allowed inside the building;
    • No basketball shorts or spandex allowed under pants;
    • Underwear must always be worn;
    • Shirts must always be tucked in and belt always visible;
    • Hair must be a solid natural color and clean cut;
    • Hair cannot obscure eyes;
    • Hair may not have designs buzzed onto scalp;
    • Eyebrows may not be shaved or have designs;
    • No visible facial hair allowed;
    • Nails are to be kept short and natural;
    • No makeup of any kind is allowed, including eye liner, mascara. and lip gloss;
    • Students with "bite marks" or "hickies" will not be allowed;
    • Students may not write on any visible part of their body;
    • Students may not have tattoos visible, tattoos must be covered at all times;
    • No jewelry of any kind, including ear, face, and belly piercings;
    • Backpacks and school supplies are not allowed on campus, they will be provided by the campus;
    • Wallets, purses, money, cell phones, keys, chapstick, gum, candy, ear buds or headphones are not allowed on campus;
    • Hair accessories must be properly worn as intended at all times;
    • Pant cuffs and shirt sleeves cannot be altered and must lie flat or unrolled;
    • Pants must always be pulled up to student's waist;
    • Students dressed in layers may be required to remove an item or items during pat-downs/searches.

    Any confiscated items can be picked up after school by the parent directly in meeting with the administrator to discuss violation. 

    KEYS Academy administration and/or security will address student and parent accordingly if any questionable issues arise.

    KEYS Academy administration and security reserve the right to address any student uniform or grooming issue that we feel may disrupt the educational environment at any time even if the issue has not been anticipated and/or specifically restricted in writing herein.