The Options HS/ KEYS Academy School Improvement Team is the main advisory board to the principal of both campuses.  The team is charged with disseminating information to faculty and staff, voicing concerns brought forth by the school community, and providing feedback on programs, campus-level policies, and events being brought forth to the campus.  The S.I.T. is made up of administrators, teachers, district personnel, and other staff that are willing to participate in the monthly meetings.

    Dr. Aguilar    Principal
    Mr. Carrillo   KEYS Assistant Principal
    Ms. Zubia     Options HS Assistant Principal
    Ms. Duran     Options HS Secretary
    Mr. Adam Starke      Director State/Federal Programs
    Ms. Torres-Reyes     TSA Bilingual Education
    Mr. Gonzales            OHS-SCEI / EPAC Representative
    Mr. Melendez           KA-SCEI
    Ms. Stewart               OHS Counselor
    Ms. Trujillo               KA Counselor
    Ms. Gomez                KA Science Teacher for Middle Schoo
    lMr. Acosta                 KA/OHS Art Teacher
    Mr. Ramos                KA Social Studies Teacher