• We are very excited to be offering the Children’s Access to Mentors Promotes Success (CHAMPS) Mentoring Program for the 2016-2017 school year.  The objective of CHAMPS is to boost self-confidence and self-competence in mentees through coaching and guiding thus assisting students in reaching their highest potential.  Our awesome CHAMPS mentors who are volunteering to be a positive role model consist of the following team:


    Ms. Acosta

    Mr. Arreola

    Ms. Avila

    Ms. Benavidez

    Ms. Butler

    Ms. Camarena

    Ms. Contreras

    Ms. Cruz

    Mr. Galvez

    Mr. Gatei

    Ms. Gomez

    Mr. Gonzalez

    Mr. Herrera

    Ms. Howell

    Ms. Jones

    Ms. Kern

    Ms. Mendoza

    Ms. Nunn

    Mr. Ochoa

    Ms. Overton

    Ms. P. Hernandez

    Ms. Porras

    Ms. Powell

    Ms. Reyes

    Ms. Rodriguez

    Mr. Salcido

    Ms. Schwartz





Last Modified on December 13, 2016