• Attendance Committee 2021 - 2022

    Sara Schwantner - Assistant Principal

    Monica Madrid - CIS

    Jennifer Madrid - PIEMS

    Diana Romo - Counselor

    Dulce Aleman - SCI

    Leonor Gunning - Teacher

    Angelica Lara - Teacher

    Elvia Mendoza - Teacher

    Sandra Spencer - Parent Liaison

    Attendance Plan 

    • Send letter to all the students with four or more absences in a four week period
    • Call parents with four or more absences in a four week period
    • Send court letter to students with four or more unexcused
    • Goal setting with students
    • Lesson on truancy prevention from the Counselor
    • Plan make- up days in spring during intersession, Saturday school and summer remediation.
    • Provide incentives for Perfect Attendance weekly, monthly and at the end of the 9wks
    • Principals Plan details procedures for attendance
  • Elfida P. Chavez Principal's Attendance Plan 

    Continuation of initiatives/procedures in place from the 2012-2020 school year:

    1. Attendance Warning Letter
    2. Phone Call to Parents 
    3. Incentives Offered


    • Establish Attendance Committee members 
    • Review attendance incentives 
    • Establish calendar for reports run by PIEMS for warning letters
    • Establish warning phone calls protocol
    • Review procedures for documenting letters/phone calls in Eduphoria
    • Establish plan for attendance make-up
    • Establish plan for tardy
    • Review and outline the framework for GPC's.