• Dress Code for 2023-2024:

    It is the philosophy of the Socorro Independent School District and James P. Butler Elementary that students should maintain high standards of dress, grooming, and appearance.  SISD has established the following universal uniform options to compliment the other agreed upon school uniform options:

    o   Khaki pants and a white polo shirt without a school logo;

    o   School uniform pants and a school colored polo shirt without a school logo.

    o   Physical education uniform bottoms (shorts or sweatpants in any color) and a white, gray, or school colored t-shirt without a school logo.

    As per Policy FNCA (Local), a universal uniform may be worn at any SISD school that has elected to implement a school uniform policy

    No representative or official of a respective school shall limit, dictate, and/or attempt to coerce from whom or where the required uniform must be purchased.

    James P. Butler Dress Code is as follows:

    Tops for PK students:

    Golden Rod Yellow ONLY - NO other colors

    *Polo Style Shirts for girls and boys

    golden rod yellow PK shirts

    Tops for K-5th Grade four (4) Color Choices:

    *Polo style shirts for girls and boys

    http://www.spyvstyle.com/images/featured/all/K500_White_front_FS06.jpghttp://www.nsbe-stl.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/polo_black.jpghttp://cdni.llbean.com/is/image/wim/227752_308_42?wid=154&hei=142Unisex Pique Mesh Knit Polo Shirts

    Colors:  White, Black, Desert Orange (Burnt/Texas Orange), and Teal


      *Shirts should fit comfortably, and be long enough to tuck in to bottoms at all times

    Optional Friday: Students may purchase the Coyote Pride T-shirt to wear on Fridays. These will be on sale before and after school at the beginning of the school year.

    *Students will have free dress day for special occasions. 

    *Students will have jean days as rewards and incentives


    Bottoms for PK-5th Grade two (2) Color Choices:

    Docker-style pants, shorts, or skorts. No skirts.

    Color: Khaki or Black

    Pleated or flat front

    Capri pants may be worn if they are uniform-style

    All bottoms must be worn at the waist

    No skinny pants, spandex, corduroy, excessively tight, low rise, hip hugger, or overly baggy bottoms

    No cargo pocket bottoms, or oversize bottoms

    No tight fitting bottoms

    No Jeans 

    Shorts and skorts must be as long as the fingertips with hands at the sides




    Scholars must wear their school uniforms MONDAY - THURSDAY (Teal, Burnt Orange, Black or White Polo tops & Black or Khaki Docker pants). Pre-K scholars must wear a Yellow polo with black or khaki bottoms.

    Scholars are allowed to wear a college shirt or JPB Spirit Shirt with Jeans on Fridays.



    Any style coat/jacket will be permitted to be worn outside during cold weather.

    Coats/jackets are not allowed to be worn to cover up students that are not in proper uniform.

    No advertising, corporate logos or professional teams may be worn.

    We will be donating lost and found items not picked up every 9 weeks.



    4 Colors: White, Black, or Desert Orange (Burnt/Texas Orange), and Teal sweaters/sweatshirts may be worn as part

    of the uniform while inside the building. No school logo required.

    Hooded sweaters/sweatshirts/pullovers are permitted outside building.

    JPB Spirit Hoodies may be worn inside building.

    Only sweaters or jackets with a zipper may be worn inside building. They should not cover uniform compliancy.


    Tennis shoes preferred for scholar safety. Tennis shoes will be required during PE at all times. Please send a change

    of shoes to comply.



    Shoes must have a strap behind the heel.

    No flip/flops

    No house slippers

    No Heelies-tennis shoes with wheels



    Hair should be trimmed/groomed in a way so that teachers can see the students’ eyes in class.

    Hair should not be a distraction or disruption to daily high quality instruction

    Natural hair colors only

    No unnatural hair colors, including unnatural colored hair extensions (blue, bright red, pink, purple, etc.) are not allowed

    No Mohawks

    No unusual style haircuts

    No shaved designs cut in their hair



    Ear piercings permitted.

    Must be stud style only and small in diameter

    No gauges

    No body piercings


    Cell Phones

    Students may bring cell phones to school.

    No cell phones on State Testing Dates.

    Cell phones must be turned off during the entire instructional day/afterschool tutoring portion of the school day.

    Cell phones out and visible during the school day (including inside the restrooms) will be taken and must be picked up at school by a parent, regardless of how or if the student is using the phone.

    There is a $15.00 retrieval fee as per SISD Board Policy on the second offense and any offense thereafter.


    Other Items

    Make-up not permitted

    No sunglasses

    No caps

    No Bandanas, drop rags, hair nets,

    No tank tops, spaghetti strap tops, crop shirts

    No spiked or studded jewelry or belts.

    No chain belts, chain wallets.

    No writing on hands, arms, or other visible body parts.

    Contact lenses must be doctor prescribed

    Any clothing or item that is deemed as distracting and interrupts the learning process by administration will not be allowed

    Students are not allowed to chew gum.

    No MP3’s, IPOD’s, or any other electronic device. James P. Butler will not be responsible for theft of these items.


    If a student is found out of dress code, the following steps will be taken:

    1st offense---Teacher contacts parent for a change of clothes. If a parent is not available, the student will be

    given the opportunity to change from clothes bank and borrow a dress code item.


    2nd offense---Students will be sent to office. Parents will be contacted by a campus administrator. The student will
    receive one (1) day of lunch detention.


    Persistent offenses may result in an office referral. Every offense, thereafter, the student will receive one (1) day of
    lunch detention.


    This dress code was reviewed and approved by the School Improvement Team (SIT). Both committees are made up of parents, faculty/staff, administration and community representation.