• SISD Dress Code Policy FNCA (Local)

    It is the philosophy of the Socorro Independent School District and Bill Sybert School that students should maintain high standards of dress, grooming, and appearance. SISD has established the following universal uniform options to complement the other agreed-upon school uniform options:

    • Khaki pants and a white polo shirt without a school logo.
    • School uniform pants and a colored polo shirt without a school logo.
    • Physical education uniform bottoms (shorts or sweatpants in any color) and a white, gray, or school-colored T-shirt without a school logo.
    • Pre-Kindergarten yellow polo shirt

    As per Policy FNCA (Local), a universal uniform may work at any SISD school which has elected to implement a school uniform policy.

    Bill Sybert Dress Code Policy 2022-2023

  • In order to maintain an orderly environment conducive to the attainment of the education mission of Socorro ISD, all students shall be required to conform to Bill Sybert School’s Uniform/Dress Code Policy. 


    • T-Shirt or Polo with Bill Sybert logo Preferred (Pre-K: Yellow ONLY, K-8th Cardinal or Navy) *White polos are allowed as per the district policy
    • Turtlenecks, shirts, etc. may be worn underneath the school shirt
    • T-shirts promoting universities may be worn on Thursdays.
    • Students may only wear SISD shirts or El Paso Strong Shirts on Mondays.
    • Students may wear spirit shirts on Wednesdays. **If the shirt is too long, it must be tucked in**


    • Docker-style slack khakis, or Navy may be worn
    • Students may wear jeans on Mondays with Team SISD shirts
    • All pants sit above the hips
    • NO sweat, wind or athletic pants allowed
    • NO leggings or knit material joggers allowed
    • NO Torn Pants or Jeans allowed


    • Length must be at least where the middle finger rests when the arm is extended alongside the leg
    • No basketball/gym shorts
    • Middle School ONLY: NO skirts/skorts


    • Any style coat/jacket will be permitted to be worn outside
    • No inappropriate advertising, corporate logos can be worn 


    • Front zipper sweatshirts/sweaters may be worn as part of the uniform while inside the building
    • Front zipper hooded sweatshirts are permitted, but hoods may not be worn while in the building
    • Hooded sweatshirts (sweatshirts without front zippers) may be worn so long as it has the Bill Sybert Logo, but hoods may not be worn while in the building
    • Tops promoting universities may only be worn on Thursdays. 


    • The only pierced body parts allowed to be adorned are the ears
    • NO Gauges/Tapers/Facial or Body Piercings allowed
    • NO covered facial piercings allowed


    • Natural colored hair allowed—NO rainbow colors
    • Only short mohawks allowed

    *NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES in the hallways, cafeteria or outside…they will be confiscated. At the teachers’ discretion, headphones and air pods may be used for instructional purposes only; however, the
    school is not responsible for lost or stolen devices. Cell phones may be used before or after school.
    **If a cell phone rings or vibrates during instructional day—to include lunch time, it will be confiscated immediately and logged into the “Electronics Device Log”. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

    1. The first confiscation will earn a warning and logged in.
    2. confiscation will be logged in and earn a $15.00 fine as
      outlined by the Socorro ISD Board Policy Handbook. Parent
      will have to come and pay fine, at which time the device will
      be returned.
    3. On the 3rd offense, the student will not receive their phone until the last day of school. 
  • The following are examples of what will NOT be allowed at Bill Sybert School to include on Free Dress Days:

    1. Sagging or oversized pants/jeans/shorts, torn jeans or big pockets
    2. Clothing with abusive or suggestive language or symbols reflecting gang affiliation or drugs
    3. Bandanas, doo rags, hair nets, caps or sunglasses (physician prescribed excluded) **Caps and beanies may be worn outside during lunch or PE**
    4. Excess make-up such as heavy eye liner, black lipstick, Gothic-style
    5. Military style belts or lettered buckles
    6. Tank tops/Spaghetti Straps shirts and dresses/Crop Shirts No safety pins or rubber bands on shirts
    7. Spiked or studded jewelry or belts
    8. Excessive jewelry (large and bulky)
    9. Rosaries may not be worn outside of shirts
    10. Chain belts, chains on wallets, or chains draped outside pockets--as outlined in the Socorro ISD Board Policy Handbook
    11. Any other clothing and accessories that, in the professional discernment of the campus administration and faculty, is not conducive to maintaining an orderly environment
    12. Uniform shirt may not be altered in any way
    13. Flip-flops, slippers or house shoes

    Disciplinary Consequences for not abiding by the Bill Sybert Uniform/Dress Code Policy:

    1. 1st Offense—Warning—Parent will be called to bring change of clothes. Student will be placed in SAC, if parent is unable to bring appropriate clothing.
    2. 2nd Offense—Same as above and student will serve detention. Additional offenses will warrant more severe consequences.
      *Dirty uniform is not an acceptable excuse*