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    Dear Team SISD,

    Thank you for overwhelmingly approving Bond 2017! The approval of this bond program is another outstanding milestone in our school district and will allow us to fulfill our growth and improvement needs. We are getting to work immediately to ensure that Promises Made are Promises Kept with the successful completion of all Bond 2017 projects.

    I am grateful for the tremendous support from the community, parents, volunteers, employees, and Partners in Education, who understand the importance of staying on top of facility needs for our students and district as a whole. It takes a team to educate a child and I am proud that SISD has a strong team of supporters to help us build, expand, and improve so that every student can succeed.

    Our focus will be to work efficiently, responsibly, and transparently to build new schools and improve our existing facilities for our students and employees. Please visit this web page for updates on the progress of Bond 2017. Thank you again for helping Team SISD treat and educate all students as if they are our own children!


    Dr. Jose Espinoza's Signature

    José Espinoza, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools


    Bond 2017

    The Facilities Advisory Committee and Board of Trustees prioritized the projects in Bond 2017 in respect of the district’s taxpayers and based on educational impact, equity, and stakeholder input. The final proposal includes $448.5 million of new construction and improvements districtwide.

    Reconstruction of Socorro High School: $135 million

    New Construction:
    $105.8 million

    • Two elementary schools
    • One middle school

    Support Services:
    $23.6 million

    High School Improvements:
    $95.8 million

    • Montwood, El Dorado, Americas

    Elementary Multi-Purpose Rooms:
    $20.8 million

    Athletic Improvements:
    $67.5 million


    The Socorro Independent School District Board of Trustees unanimously voted to propose a bond issue for $448.5 million at its regular board meeting on August 15, 2017. Bond 2017 addresses continuing growth and improvements to existing facilities. The election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

    SISD continues to grow at an accelerated rate. During the previous two years alone, the district enrolled over 1,400 new students and we are on pace to add another 700 this year.

    As the district has grown and evolved, Team SISD has maintained pace with increases in enrollment through the opening of new schools and redistribution of students through boundary adjustments and the overflow process. In 2016, we initiated an in-depth boundary study and made adjustments designed to maximize the use of existing facilities.

    While our efforts have helped balance enrollment and ensure the vitality of our existing schools, SISD schools are at 104 percent classroom capacity districtwide. With continued growth, SISD schools will be at 112 percent capacity by 2027.

    At the same time, SISD schools and facilities in the established areas of the district have matured, are no longer conducive to 21st century collaborative learning, and have not kept up with the expansion of the district.

    To form Bond 2017, a 30 member Facilities Advisory Committee representing a diverse group of stakeholders met over the summer of 2017 to review district demographics and the current state of existing facilities. The committee recommended that the Board pursue a bond election to address growth and invest in existing facilities to ensure equitable learning environments and opportunities for students across the district.

    Please take a moment to learn more about Bond 2017 through this website.

    Dr. Jose Espinoza's Signature

    José Espinoza, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools