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    Welcome to the Falcon Early College High School

    Hello students, parents, and community members,

    Falcon Early College High School began with its first cohort during the 2019-2020 school year.  This year we will have all of our cohorts and our first graduating class will be the class of 2023.  This site is an easy and efficient way to obtain information about the Falcon Early College High School.  We are here to serve as an advocate for all students, guiding them through their academic, personal, and career goals.

    Falcon Early College High School is a unique blend of rigorous high school and college courses.  The program is tailored to the individual student in order to facilitate their educational goals.  Our goal is to support FECHS students as they acquire the skills that will allow them to be successful in meeting their educational goals and becoming productive citizens. 

    In our inaugural year, the Falcon Early College High School has matriculated 135 diverse students representing all backgrounds, and we currently have more than 460 students in our cohorts. We are proud to offer this opportunity to our feeder pattern rising 8th graders coming from Desert Wind Middle School and Col. John Ensor Middle School. 

    We are excited to offer this program to our SISD students and look forward to providing the best education and instruction for our future achievers. 


    Diane Duncan - FECHS Director

    Lailah Leeser - FECHS Counselor Grades 9,10, 12

    Ralph Hickman - FECHS Counselor Grade 11


    FECHS Goal: To provide all students the opportunity to attend both high school and college in a special campus environment that will challenge students to excel in their academic and personal endeavors.  Students are offered the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and two-year Associates Degree from EPCC upon graduation from Falcon Early College.

    FECHS Mission: Thinking with the end in mind.

    FECHS Vison: To create social reform by empowering students through education.

    Eastlake High School and Falcon Early College exists to provide opportunities to maximize our students’ academic, artistic, athletic, and social skills in a global society.


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    FECHS is a partnership between SISD and EPCC.