• YWCA Afterschool Program

    If you have not already registered with the YWCA, you may go to their web site and/or call to get updates on this process.  Come one, come all to Sgt. Jose F. Carrasco ES YWCA, please visit the YWCA's website.

    You can also contact Ms. Shenaz Miles, YWCA School Age Associate Administrator, for any questions or additional information.  

    (915) 519-0000 x.1130



    Disclaimer in English and Spanish

      • PARENTS:  For your convenience, we have created a list of daycare services that either pick up or deliver students in our school.  We do not endorse or recommend any agency, but due to the ever-changing nature of programs, organizations, agencies, or circumstances (such as COVID-19) this list is evolving or subject to changes throughout the school year.   
      • PADRES:    Para su comodidad, hemos creado una lista de servicios de guardería que recogen o entregan estudiantes en nuestra escuela.  No respaldamos ni recomendamos  ningun servicio, o ninguna agencia, pero debido a cambio de programas, organizaciones, agencias o circunstancias (como COVID-19) esta lista está evolucionando o esta sujeta a cambios durante el año escolar.
    • Please visit DFPS Search for Child Care Centers. Enter your zip code in the search feature and check your desired needs for the best results.



    A Place to Grow

    915 855-6227


    Wonder World

    915 857-1012


    Little Scholars

    915 633-1040


    Cradles and Crayons

    915 857-7760


    Kevin Daycare

    915 227-6627


    Kids View

    915 855-8911



    915 637-4714


    Little Duckies

    915 253-6109


    Aladdin Daycare

    915 540-9039


    Everyday Sunshine

    915 855-6848


    Faries and Dinosaurs

    915 539-3377


    Kids "R" Kids

    915 856-3009


    Cool Kids

    915 228-9930


    Tanja Loving Daycare

    915 855-6040



    915 519-0003