• Health Services



    The Department of Health Services adheres to the belief that students are accepted without judgment of biological, socio-economic, political, cultural, religious, and emotional status. Health is recognized not exclusively as the absence of illness, disease, or disability, but as the optimal level of physiological, psychological, and emotional well being. The school health program provides assistance in identifying barriers that may hinder the student's educational process. The school health program provides professional care for the ill or injured student while at school. It is the belief that the provision of the student's health care is primarily the responsibility of the parents. School nurses support the parents' efforts by serving as advocates for the student in health-related issues, and as liaisons between the student, school, home, and community.


    The primary purpose of the Socorro Independent School District's school health program is to promote, protect, maintain, and improve student, staff, and community health to its optimal level. The program assures a safe and healthy environment that is conducive to learning. Professional nursing care is provided for the individual who becomes ill or injured while attending school. Essential functions of school health services include health screenings, referrals to parents and follow-up, networking with other community providers, health promotion, injury and disease prevention. The School Nurse works with the student, parents, educators, and other community resources to help the student advance through the various stages of life. The school health program is not a substitute for the health care that parents should provide for their children. This program is established to encourage individuals to use the services of health care professions and/or community health agencies.


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