• Portrait of Sylvia Holguin, CNS Supervisor Sylvia Holguin
    Child Nutrition Services Supervisor
    Child Nutrition Services


    Sylvia Holguin is a supervisor/trainer for Child Nutrition Services in the Socorro Independent School District. Working 33 years for the district has given her extensive experience in different facets of the CNS department. She shares her expertise with all CNS employees and trains them on policies and compliance with state and federal regulations.

    In her career, she has seen the district grow from 5 to 46 schools. Sylvia helped the CNS department to apply and earn the six-cent certification, which increased lunch reimbursements for offering high-quality, nutritious meals. In addition to training employees, Sylvia analyzes menus, develops and test new recipes and performs miscellaneous office duties. Her priority is to develop efficient and effective employees and leaders to meet the department’s needs.

    She attended El Paso Community College, where she studied business management. Sylvia loves to cook, listen to music, and dance. Sylvia is married with three children and two granddaughters.

    Her motto is “If we do not take care of our customers, someone else will.”