• Breakfast in the Classroom

    The Breakfast in the Classroom program (BIC) is held at all Elementary and Middle Schools.

    At the beginning of each school day, all students are offered the opportunity to eat breakfast in their classroom at no charge, regardless of family income. Student participation is optional.

    Breakfast in the classroom; menus are simple and planned to reduce mess and waste. Menus include items that are hand-held and easily eaten by students. BIC food items are delivered to the classroom via ice chests. Each classroom receives 2 ice chests. One ice chest contains hot food items and another ice chest is for cold food items. The students have approximately 5-15 minutes to eat.

    Benefits of Breakfast in the Classroom

    Children who eat breakfast:

    • improve their concentration and see improved grades
    • Maintain a healthy weight

    While eating any breakfast is better than skipping breakfast altogether, some choices are better than others. Discuss the menu with your child and encourage them to try new items and make healthier choices for optimal student health.

    This institution is an equal opportunity provider.