• Human Resources Statement of Values

    We value...

    our Students… as our number one priority and the primary focus of our advocacy, our planning, our service, and our stewardship.

    our District… as a special place for faculty, staff, students, parents and community members, providing a unique and invaluable service for all.

    our Customers… by listening, responding and respecting them and seeking their input to improve our services to meet or exceed their expectations.

    our Staff… energetic, dedicated, responsive professionals who have a desire to work collaboratively as a team, exhibit trust and respect for each other, demonstrate uncompromising personal integrity, and are committed to maintaining the highest level of expertise in order to accomplish our mission through excellent service, innovative solutions, and visionary leadership.

    our Collaborations… by fostering formal and informal working relationships with members of the district’s community, as well as at the local, regional, state, and national level.

    our Responsibility… by pledging to treat all members of the district community with respect and dignity, providing opportunities for professional growth and development, and ensuring all employees work in a safe environment.

    our External Partners… by collaborating with skilled professionals outside of the district who, through their specialties and expertise, help us to complete our mission.


    Human Resources Motto

    "Committed to Service"

    The Human Resources Department is committed to providing the highest quality personnel services. We continuously strive to be a leader of innovative personnel services achieving a new era of Human Resources Excellence.

    We envision the Human Resources Department as…

    A dynamic, responsive organization with the internal capability to address emerging needs and issues;

    An integral part of the strategic planning process at all levels of the district;

    A highly effective, transformational department that is focused on strategic, value-added leadership;

    A department that is a supportive, highly valued, and respected partner at all levels of the organization in accomplishing the district's mission; a department whose staff members demonstrate the following professional qualities, competencies, and attitude

    • an ability to clearly articulate and practice the role and value of the department in meeting the needs of our customers;
    • a commitment to work together as a team, including both our internal and external partnerships;
    • an ability and desire to redefine and simplify department strategies, structures, and processes to improve organizational efficiency;
    • an eagerness to acquire and apply professional/technical knowledge, skills, experience, and judgments to accomplish results and better serve our customers;
    • an ability to generate innovative solutions, explore non-traditional ideas, and apply best practices to ensure implementation of key initiatives and achieve our mission;
    • an ability and passion to respond to the customers' needs in a manner that provides added value and generates significant customer satisfaction.


    Human Resources Goals

    Goal 1:

    The department will take a leadership role in recruiting and retaining the most talented, diverse, qualified teachers, administrators and support staff to the district and will ensure that all are qualified for their assignments.

    Goal 2:

    The department will adhere to adopted policies, administrative regulations and procedures relative to staffing guidelines to ensure equity and fiscal responsibility.

    Goal 3:

    The department will adopt a culture and an organizational structure that values high performance, provides exceptional service, and treats customers with the utmost respect.

    Goal 4:

    The department will use metrics to measure, improve processes and results to provide quality information and data to facilitate decision making.


    Human Resources Department
    Phone: (915) 937-0000 - Fax: (915) 858-8708
    12440 Rojas Drive, El Paso, TX 79928

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