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    Cyberbullying Resources

    In response to Senate Bill 136 enacted by the Texas Legislature in March 2007, the Texas School Safety Center provides the following site with resources for educating students on internet safety.

    SISD Acceptable Use Policy On Cyber Bullying
    SISD prohibits the bullying of any person on school property or at school functions by use of data or computer software that is accessed through a computer, computer system, computer network or other electronic technology of the District. Cyber Bullying means any intentional electronic act or actions against a student, school volunteer or school employee that a reasonable person, under the circumstances should know will have the effect of:

    • Placing a student, school volunteer or schoolemployee in reasonable fear of substantial harm to his or her emotional or physical well-being or substantial damage to his or her property.
    • Creating a hostile, threatening, humiliating or abusive educational environment due to the pervasiveness or persistence of actions or due to a power differential between the bully and the target; or
    • Interfering with a student having a safe school environment that is necessary to facilitate educational performance, opportunities or benefits;
    • Perpetuating cyber bullying by inciting, soliciting or coercing an individual or group to demean, dehumanize, embarrass or cause emotional, psychological or physical harm to another student, school volunteer or school employee.

    Internet Safety Resources from TxSSC

    Socorro ISD supports teachers and parents in our efforts to keep our students safe online by providing the additional resources.

    Keeping Kids Safe in Cyber Space