• SISD e-Bid System and Supplier Registration

    The Socorro Independent School District (SISD) Purchasing Department utilizes and electronic e-Procurement system called e-BID. This web-based system includes an electronic process for vendor registration and electronic bidding.


    Supplier Registration

    The electronic Supplier Registration program in available and will allow potential and existing suppliers wishing to do business with SISD to register online.

    Vendors are responsible for maintaining their information on the SISD e-BID system.  Any changes in information are the responsibility of the vendors.

  • Notification and Online Bidding

  • Assistance

  • Current Proposals

e-Bid Frequently Asked Questions

  • I would like to become a registered vendor and bid on current and future bids/proposals. How do I go about doing this?

  • I am a registered vendor, but I do not receive notification of current bids OR I receive notification to bids not related to my goods/services. How can I start receiving notifications?

  • I tried to log into E-Bid but it is saying my account is disabled. How can I get my account enabled again?

  • The user who registered our company is no longer with us in our bids/sales department, how can we add a user or access their account?

  • I don't remember the original password I registered my company under. How can I get my password?

  • I don't remember the original username I registered my company under. How can I get my username?

  • I have not received email confirmation on my pending registration. What happened?

  • I am a first time bidder, how does the E-Bid system work?

  • I have completed the bid, however, the system will not allow me to submit my bid. How can I submit my bid?

  • I exited the bid and it will not let me add responses or attachments. How can I resolve this?

  • How do I add attachments to my bid response?