• SISD e-BID Questions

    I would like to become a registered vendor and bid on current and future bids/proposals. How do I go about doing this?

    Answer: Please proceed to SISD's E-Bid system at sisd.ionwave.To the right of the log-in application please select “Supplier Registration” and fill out all of the * indicated fields and once your request has been processed, you will receive email notification as to whether or not your request was accepted. If you have any questions on your pending request, the response or registration in general please contact the Purchasing Department Clerk at(915) 937-0174.

    I am a registered vendor, but I do not receive notification of current bids OR I receive notification to bids not related to my goods/services.

    Answer: You may need to adjust the settings on your E-Bid vendor profile. E-Bid contacts vendors for bids that match the commodities the vendor selects. Simply sign into E-Bid (sisd.ionwave) and from your vendor homepage, on the left side of the screen, under “Account Information” there is a “Manage my Account” option. From that screen, underneath “Supplier Status” there is a tab marked “Commodities,” click the pencil tool under it marked “Edit.” By adding/removing commodities you will manage which commodities you supply and which bid opportunities you'd like to receive notification on.

    I tried to log into E-Bid but it is saying my account is disabled.

    Answer: You may have submitted your user name with an incorrect password and after doing so 3 times, your account becomes inactivated. Please contact one of the Purchasing Departments Clerk at (915) 937-0174 for assistance.

    The user who registered our company is no longer with us in our bids/sales department, how can we add a user or access their account?

    Answer: E-Bid systems require a fax/email PDF attachment formally stating the aforementioned bid manager is no longer handling your account. Please provide previous users full name and email address associated with the account, along with a brief reason as to why the existing user is no longer functional, on company letterhead and send via fax to (915) 851-7807  or you may email your request to jgonza02@sisd.net.

    I don't remember the original password I registered my company under.

    Answer: Neither SISD or E-Bid have access to your password, however at the E-Bid log-in screen (sisd.ionwave) below the “sign-in” button there is the option to reset your password. A temporary password will be sent to the email address affiliated with your companies account. If you do not have access to the email address E-Bid systems will require a formal letter on company letterhead, as to why this email address is no longer valid/accessible. Once faxed/emailed to the Purchasing Department, E-Bid will manually issue a temporary password to the valid email address.

    I don't remember the original username I registered my company under.

    Answer: In the event that you have forgotten your E-Bid username, please call the Purchasing Department's at (915) 937.0174, have the full name your company is registered under, the full name and email address on the account and an E-Bid administrator will release your companies username.

    I have not received email confirmation on my pending registration.

    Answer: All registration requests will receive email confirmation on the business day immediately following the date of registration. If registration requests are submitted after business hours on weekends or holidays, they will receive confirmation the following business day. If your registration request has not received an email confirmation after one business day please contact the SISD Purchasing Department at (915) 937.0174.

    I am a first time bidder, how does the E-Bid system work?

    Answer: Please follow the link to view our E-Bid tutorial. Any further questions can be directed to the Purchasing Department Clerk at  (915) 937.0174.

    I have completed the bid, however, the system will not allow me to submit my bid.

    Answer: Please make sure all bid attributes are filled out. Please ensure all line items are completed and filled appropriately. Attributes and Items can be on multiple pages. Beneath the last attribute question or line item on the page there is a grey bar

    Items 1-15 shown of 31 Page 1 of 3 shown

    please complete the number of pages shown; this will allow your bid to be submitted. (*Any line item you do not wish to bid on please select “no bid.”)

    I exited the bid and it will not let me add responses or attachments.

    Answer: Once you reenter a bid you will see a preview screen. The first bar gives a list of options, select the pencil tool titled “Edit.” Once in edit mode the bid will be open, allowing you to fill it out.

    How do I add attachments to my bid response?

    Answer: After ensuring you have your bid response in “Edit” mode scroll down your page just past the Bid Attributes questions. Underneath that, in bold print is, Bid Messages, and underneath that is the Response Attachments option. In this area you will see a tool with a blue star. Click the option next to it reading “New” and you will be able to upload documents from your computer and save and submit it with your bid.