• Bids, Contracts, and Agreements

    Awarded Bids

    PDF Awarded Reference Vendors Report

    PDF SISD Cooperative Contracts List(Awarded Co-op Vendors)   

    SISD Awarded Bids

    Awarded Bid Summaries can be sorted by Bid Number or Bid Title (click on header title to sort)
    Awarded Bid Summaries can be found by typing key words on Bid Number and Bid Title (automotive, catering, E1771, E1701 etc.)
    Once you select the Bid (under Award Attachments right click the File Name and select “open in new window” to view the Bid information)


    PDF  EDGAR Form (PO)

    If using Federal Funds, EDGAR Form is required for purchases using Co-ops, Inter-Local, Micro-Purchase and Quotes.

    EDGAR form must be completed by vendors.

  • E-Procurement

    This Munis E-procurement process will allow users to log into the Munis requisition module to create a requisition and a vendor cart at the same time. Users will no longer need to access the on-line vendor link on the Purchasing website to create an order.

    If you have any questions or need any other information, please contact your Purchasing Agent.


    El Paso Office Products

    Grainger Industrial Supply

    Lakeshore Learning

    Office Depot

    Pencil Cup

    School Specialty