• Title I Parent Liaisons Initiative

    When we engage families, we have the potential to create a community where families and educators work as partners to support our children's academic achievement.

    The Socorro Independent School District's Department of State and Federal Programs has dedicated itself to meeting the federal requirements for parent and family engagement as outlined by No Child Left Behind.  Title I federal funds are allocated to each campus specifically for the purpose of promoting parent and family engagement.

    Federal Policy - Parental Involvement Section 1118

    The Title I Parent Liaison Initiative provides each campus with a district-employed Parent Liaison to promote parent and family engagement. This is accomplished by offering training and activities to campus parents and family members in an effort to empower them with skills that will help them support their children in their academic endeavors, as well as enrich their own lives.

    Loren Cartagena Title I Specialist, conducts staff development workshops for the Parent Liaisons. In addition, Parent Liaisons have access to exciting initiatives to support families in our community.  Parent Liaisons are also encouraged to attend state and local professional development.  We strive to give our parents and family members the most up-to-date training and information in an effort to improve our students’ academic performance. Parent Liaisons are trained and involved in the revision and development of campus parental involvement policies and school compacts for their respective campuses on a yearly basis.

    Title I Parent Liaisons have been prepared to be the crucial link of communication between the campus, community, and the home. With the help of each campus's administrative team, they directly influence the ability of a school to reach its goals, as well as maintain federal compliance.

    For information regarding this and other innovative ideas instituted by S.I.S.D. and its Department of State and Federal Programs, please contact us at (915) 937.1616 or email us at cmonto@sisd.net.