• El Paso has some of the best weather on the planet. There are times however, where it may be necessary to close schools for the entire day, to open schools late, or to close early due to extraordinary conditions.

    Parents are urged to make arrangements now for the care of their children when schedule changes are made (and to provide for the rare situation when it is necessary to close an individual school because of a power failure or other problem). Children should always know where to go if a parent will not be home.

    The following information was taken from the SISD Inclement Weather Plan. Please note that it is impossible to plan for every contingency. Therefore, you should use the following as general information.

    SISD has personnel designated to monitor the weather at all times. Upon receipt of an advisory regarding torrential rain, snow or other inclement weather having potential to affect our area, the monitor will notify the Inclement Weather Team. The Inclement Weather Team consists of the Superintendent of Schools and other officials who meet whenever necessary to make decisions regarding school operations.

    When the ground is saturated and extensive rain or snow is forecasted, SISD staff members will be instructed to inspect roads and facilities. After the inspection, they will make a report to the Inclement Weather Team regarding their observations. In most cases, recommendations will be made by 4:00AM with decisions to suspend classes announced by 5:00AM. Times may vary however, due to the current circumstances.

    If severe weather conditions develop after the students are in school, they may be released early; otherwise dismissal will be at the regular time. Parents will be contacted to advise them on student pick-up at school. Bussed students would be taken as close to home as safety permits. If a student cannot be safely dropped off, he/she will be taken back to school. SISD will announce flooded and snowed in locations over radio and TV stations.

    Our goal is to announce delays and closures as soon as possible after decisions are made. We advise parents and students not to call schools for closure information. Your best source of information will be TV and radio. We will also strive to post information on the SISD homepage whenever possible.

    Extracurricular activities, including club meetings and athletic practices and competitions, will not normally be conducted on any day when school has been dismissed early or canceled due to inclement weather.

    The school calendar has contingency days built in for out of the ordinary situations. Announcements and notifications on the use of those days will be announced as soon as possible.

    DELAYED START – The District may, under certain situations, consider delaying the start of school two (2) hours from the normal starting time for students.

    • Morning Pre-Kindergarten classes will be canceled.
    • All employees will report at regular time when conditions are safe.
    • Elementary and middle schools will start instruction at 9:45 a.m.
    • High schools will start instruction at 10:15 a.m.
    • Cafeterias will open at 8 a.m. (if possible), and breakfast service will begin at 8:45 a.m. Schools will follow the normal lunch schedule, although principals do have the flexibility to change the serving time, if necessary.
    • Transportation will be provided according to the two (2) hour delay from regular pick-up times.

    SCHOOL CLOSURE – The District may suspend classes when severe weather conditions develop and are anticipated to remain throughout the day. In most cases, recommendations will be made by 4 a.m. with decisions to close schools announced by 5 a.m. Please tune into your local radio or television stations or check on Socorro ISD's Web site, www.sisd.net.

    EMPLOYEES’ SCHEDULES – The following essential employees must report when conditions are safe:

    • Custodial staff
    • Maintenance staff
    • Transportation (excluding drivers and monitors)
    • Principals or their designees
    • District Service Center – Receptionist @ phone

    Essential employees are required to report for regular duty on all days other than District Shutdown. Personnel will work until their regular ending time unless an announcement comes from the District Service Center.

    The cancellation of any and/or all extracurricular activities will be evaluated on an individual basis in conjunction with other affected school districts.

    DISTRICT SHUTDOWN – In severe conditions, the District may decide to close all schools and District offices.

    • Cabinet members and certain essential District Personnel (principals and head custodians) are to report to the job site as soon as safely possible. Campus administrators are responsible for making sure their buildings are checked as soon as possible.
    • The cancellation of any and/or all extracurricular activities will be evaluated on an individual basis in conjunction with other affected school districts.

    EARLY RELEASE – In the event of a weather emergency, District Service Center personnel will use available data to decide if students should be dismissed early. In some instances, adverse weather conditions may be sufficient cause to hold students and busses at schools until weather conditions permit safe travel for students and staff.

    • Campus administrators will contact supervisors for release authorization.
    • Updates will be reported in a timely manner on the Socorro ISD's Web site, www.sisd.net, and will be communicated through the media. Parents will also be contacted with information on picking up their students.
    • Teachers and paraprofessionals will be dismissed after all students have left the schools.
    • School administrators and office personnel may leave after all buses have completed their scheduled routes. (Transportation will notify campuses when routes are completed.)
    • All other personnel will be notified when they may leave.
Last Modified on June 30, 2017