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    Important Updates Below!

  • ROBOCOM Competition:

    January 6, 2018
    Pebble Hills High School


    Based on your feedback and the desire to make the competition day as short as possible, we have *adjusted the competition events to fit our needs.  You will be familiar with the format, as it is very similar to how we did it last year.

    1. Robot Event - autonomous event - no changes
    2. Very Important Information – DUE JANUARY 4, 2018 @ DSC by 5:00PM
    3. The video submitted MUST BE A RECORDING OF A LIVE PRESENTATION (NO computer edits). Your video will be submitted on a USB drive, and MUST be playable on ANY computer system. Prior to submission, please make sure to test your video on computers other than the one that it was created on. Videos will be played on computers that are in teacher classrooms on the hosting campus.
    4. Team awards will have 3 categories (Inspiration Award, Teamwork Award, Gracious Professionalism Award) and will be selected by peers.  A poster is NOT needed, and students will NOT present.  Each Round will have a set of Team Awards.
    5. The Robot Design Executive Summary will be an OPTIONAL POSTER PRESENTATION.(Rubric attached)
Last Modified on February 27, 2018