SATA Bridge Camp 



    Incoming Freshmen gain a wealth of knowledge about SATA and Eastlake through fun activities.  They get to know the school and the culture of SATA.

    SATA upperclassmen help run the camp, have fun, and earn community service hours.


  • SATA Lock-In

    One night a year SATA students have the opportunity to meet in the library and experience SATA team building through video gaming competitions, hacking competitions, coding competitions, chess tournaments, movies, and more. 

  • SATA Senior Dinner

    At the end of the year Seniors get together with their peers and teachers for one last goodbye over food at a restaurant, movie theater, or park.

  • SATA Team Building

    Throughout the year SATA students have opportunities to get to know each other and their teachers to build strong relationships that help guide them towards success.



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